CAT Challenging Question Mensuration

Here is an interesting question on mensuration


Two horses are tied to opposite vertices of a rectangular field of length and breadth 6 and 6√2 meters. If they are tied with rope of length 6 meters, what is the common area that both horses can graze?
1. 6 π – 9√3
2. 12 π – 18√3
3. π – 2√3
4. 16 π -8√3
5. Cannot be calculated

People think that questions in 3-d (Cubes, Cuboid, cylinder, sphere etc) are more difficult in mensuration. In my view, the best questions are still from the 2-dimensional shapes. In 3-d, once you know the formula, you can pretty much solve everything. In 2-d, questions can include geometry and mensuration. Those are the best ones.

Anyways, happy solving. Will post solutions soon enough.

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