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A quadratic function f(x) attains a maximum of 5 at x = 2. The value of function at x=0 is 1. Find the quadratic expression.


Any quadratic equation can be written in two ways, 1) C – a(x-k)2 and 2) a(x-k)2 – C.

These ways of writing the quadratic equation simply make use the fact that anything that is squared is always positive. So, for a minimum value of the function, we can express the quadratic function as sum of Squared Term + Minimum Value and for the Maximum value of the function, we can express it as Maximum Value – Squared Term.

So for this question, f(x) can be written as –> C – a(x-k)2.

Now, it is given that maximum value of f(x) is attained at x = 2. => C=5; since we will get the maximum value only if it is subtracted by the least quantity, k = 2.

5 – a(x-2)2. It is given that at x = 0, value of the function is 1. This means,

5 – a(-2)2 = 1 -> 5 – 4a = 1 -> a = 1.

So the expression is 5 – (x-2)2. So the quadratic expression is 5 – (x2 – 4x + 4) => -x2 + 4x + 1.




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